Understanding the Choices

aims to lead the discussions about reimagining what educational success looks like for Black families. Considering the many financial and cultural decisions that are being made to advance our children, the goal must be to identify the challenges and propose solutions.

College admissions veterans Timothy Fields and Shereem Herndon-Brown pull from their unique professional perspectives to cover everything from applications to admissions. Their comprehensive experience in both secondary and higher education allows them to offer advice on how to navigate the college admissions process in a way that very few can. 

In addition, given their respective personal journeys of having attended a Historically Black College and University (HBCU) and a Predominantly White Institution (PWI), they are well-equipped to identify the key cultural differences between the two as well as share how college and college admission has changed in the last three decades. They know what Black families and educators who work with Black children need to do now. 

College Search Process

How and when should we apply?


Which is the best cultural fit for my child?

Financial Aid

What is the FAFSA? CSS Profile?

School Choice

Public vs Private?

"Finding the right college is a challenge for all students. However, Black families face additional challenges and questions while navigating the admissions process."

Timothy Fields
-Senior Associate Dean of Admission, Emory University
Shereem Herndon-Brown
-Founder & CEO of Strategic Admissions Advice

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How does college admissions work? Glad you asked! Join Tim and Shereem for fun, intelligent dialouge about all things education, parenting and race. 

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