The college admission process is layered and complicated. Regardless if you are a veteran admission expert or a parent going through the process for the first time, there are always questions. 

Given the ever-changing higher education landscape, we aim to support students, parents, schools, and organizations as we draw from our over 50 years of combined college admissions experience.

Be A Part Of The Conversation

Our goal is to provide insight and support to students, parents, and organizations to navigate this process. We can do this virtually via Zoom or in-person. 

Beyond the Ivies and Black Ivies

Do we put too much stock into “elite” schools? We want parents to reimagine success beyond name brand colleges.

Start Early

Too many families believe the college process begins in high school. That’s not true. While the actual start date depends on your aspirations, we believe that earlier a family is aware and proactive, there is a greater chance for college admissions success.

Independent Schools, Black Students and the College Application Process

Sending your child to a private school does not mean they will get into an elite college. It also does not mean that the school counselor will understand your family’s unique needs and suggest the right schools. Given the cultural and financial trade offs many of us make for our children to attend these private schools, are they worth it?

HBCUs vs. PWIs: Why Your Teen Needs to Consider Both

The college application process is personal. Every student has different needs. We want you to think about your child, not your college experience, and what matters most. We believe that means considering HBCUs, PWIs and the cost, location, possible major and possible career.

College Admissions Overview

This is a general session where we will walk through the college admission process. We will pull from our over 50 years of collective college admission experience from both sides of the college admissions desk and give you the blueprint for college admissions success.

The College Essay

We have seen a lot of applications. Let us help you and your child to think through how to make the essays stand out and not make the common mistakes that can hinder an application.

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